Why More Businesses are Implementing Electronic Employee Onboarding

Businesses have been shifting to paperless systems. This leaves the business open to human error and running the risk of not being compliant.

SimcoHR has onboarding software to help you with the onboarding process and helps to make your new employee feel welcome right from the start. Here are reasons why electronic onboarding is right for your business:


With personal and confidential information being collected from your new employee, the risk of entering an error from a paper form into your systems increases. With an electronic system, your employee enters their data resulting in an increase of accuracy from the employee who is more likely to take the time to enter their data correctly since their most invested in getting their benefits set up right.

SimcoHR will make sure the employer not only gets the technology you need to simplify and be compliant, but is here to help with set up and walk you through how to use it. Clients also receive one personal main point of contact who is always happy to help before, during and after you integrate so you are never left alone trying to figure out how to use the system.

Ease of Document Sharing

Does the first day of a new employee usually look like a full day of filling out paperwork and reviewing documents, policies, and handbooks? Not an exciting start to the new gig, right?

With electronic onboarding, your new employee can have all the forms they need and complete them before their first day.With all their set up paperwork competed before day one, they have a much better understanding of the company before they even start. This creates a better experience for your new hire right from the start.

Establish a Personalized Experience

Since the new hire has completed all the necessary paperwork, and signed off on the employee handbook already, you can now offer a personalized experience on day one. The time you have saved having this work done ahead of time allows you to get to know them on a personal level, introducing the to the team and have the ability to jump right in to the job.


Any HR professional will tell you that a lot of paperwork is needed to onboard a new hire and requirements are always changing. Trying to be compliant can be overwhelming and errors can be exceptionally costly.

Electronic onboarding helps with providing all the documents you need for your new employee. Editing, deleting, or adding new paperwork when compliance regulations change is simple with a few clicks, rather than updating all the paperwork necessary.

Contact SimcoHR to get personalized service with the software your business can use. We want your business to succeed, stay compliant, and free up time so you can focus more on running your business.

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