Virtual Payroll Administrator

SimcoHR's Virtual Payroll Administrator Manages More Than Just Payroll

The challenges of managing a workforce continue to grow daily. Payroll is an essential part of any company, but a costly one in terms of resources. By partnering with ADP, SimcoHR offers you the advantage of combined knowledge, expertise and advanced technology to bring you bette ways of meeting those challenges. As leaders in our respective fields, we have earned a distinguished reputation of providing accurate payroll processing that is efficient and secure.

Managing payroll is a time consuming and compliucated process. Investing in the right technology and expert partner makes all the difference.

Our Virtual Payroll Administrator service is achieved with our concierge level client service paired with a dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM). Concierge0level client service is one of the key hallmarks that has enabled SimcoHR to be a leader in our market sector. Each client is provided with a knowledgeable Client Account Manager that will consistently ensure your payroll is processed timely and accurately every time.

By partnering with SimcoHR, we guarantee to improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs, increase payroll accuracy and minimize legal risk. You can rely on us to provide the best-in-class payroll solution to keep your business moving forward.

We manage your payroll -- you focus on essential strategic objectives to grow your business.

Employee Self-Service
A web-based application that provides employees and managers access to their records and payroll details.
Expert ADP Technology Support
By partnering with ADP, SimcoHR offers knowledge and expertise that will help you get the most out of your solution.
Virtual Payroll Administrator
A cost-effective alternative to having a payroll team.
Our comprehensive online reporting provides payroll, human resources and benefit reports.
Concierge-Level Client Service
We have developed an unparalleled Concierge-Level Client Service model that enables SimcoHR to be a leader in our industry.
What is your payroll administrator never took a sick day and never quit?

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