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Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) are great for companies who need HR help on matters like compliance, payroll, tax, and recruitment, and want to keep their operations nimble. The dedicated experts you get with an ASO can work either onsite or offsite and specifically show you how your business can benefit from using HR and payroll technology. They’ll help you use the services you need most, develop a strategy that works for you today, and adjust it over time to match your needs.

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We first started working with Simco in 2015 while navigating health insurance options for our small business. Simco met with us, evaluated our needs, and came up with a solution that allowed us to offer our employees a great health insurance plan at substantial savings. Simco handled much of the legwork including setting up an HRA account and explaining the new plan to our employees. We quickly realized the benefit of working with professionals that know the ins and outs of health insurance as well as all the available options! We were excited to learn Simco had even more to offer that could benefit our company. Through Simco, we are able to offer our employees a convenient, economical way to purchase voluntary benefits such as life, disability, accident and cancer insurance. We also found ourselves turning to Simco for HR guidance. Their HR services have been invaluable. Simco helps us stay current and compliant with all HR related issues. We have a customized HR portal where employees can view their benefit information, we’ve updated our employee handbook and also used Simco to provide in-house Management and HR training for our employees.

In a small business it’s often hard to keep track of new developments, rules and regulations in insurance, HR and labor laws. Having Simco means we no longer worry. They are a true partner to our business, filling in the gaps of our knowledge. Simco really shines with their customer service. Their employees are accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, and are constantly on the lookout for new and improved products and services that would benefit our company. They listen to our individual needs and offer solutions that fit. Working with Simco adds real value to our company, both for our employees and ourselves, and we look forward to continuing that relationship into the future.

Douglas & Maureen Sloth
Sloth Electric, Inc
Stanley, NY

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Recruiting & Retention
The average cost to hire an employee exceeds $4,000. Smarter HR reduces turnover and lowers hiring costs.
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Organizations that invest in the employee experience are 4x more profitable. Smarter HR improves the employee experience and increases company profits.
Time & Attendance
25% of employees over-report their hours 75% of the time. Smarter HR means more accuracy and accountability.
Reporting Analytics
83% of HR professionals agree analytics drive more informed business decisions. Smarter HR means more transparency and more timely decision-making

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