HR Solutions

Today more than ever, the way for organizations to thrive is through the development of their most valuable assets – their employees. SimcoHR offers a wide range of services and strategic HR management to ensure organizations are able to achieve their HR goals in an effective and efficient manner. By utilizing our services, you can improve your administrative and operational HR processes while reducing your exposure, risk, and internal HR administrative costs.

Pre-Employment Screening Solutions From Verified First

Conduct background screenings with SimcoHR thanks to integration by ADP. You'll find our seamless integration improves your workflow so you can perform background searches on candidates faster and for less!

  • Integration is free. There are no setup fees and no monthly subscription fees.
  • Order background screening with a minimal number of clicks.
  • Less data entry, faster approval process! Verified First's integration auto-populates most of the required form fields.
Why ADP?
  • ADP is a 100% FCRA compliant Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA).
  • Rapid turnaround time for most clear searches.
  • Our client care team is U.S. based and has a 97% satisfaction rating.
  • Competitive pricing, no commitment, no minimums.

Virtual HR

  • HR Assessment
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Annual Training
  • Proactive State & Federal Compliance e-Alerts
  • Access to our Best Practice Library
  • Live Phone and Email Support
  • Executive Relationship Manager
  • Concierge-Level Service

Our Virtual HR services offer you and your team access to HR experts as needed, without the overhead and cost of adding to payroll. Outsource various elements of your HR function to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk. Find out how your company can achieve greater HR productivity while lowering administrative costs.

Enhance your Virtual HR services with any of our additional offerings, such as customizable staff trainings, recruitment services, compensation benchmarking, leadership coaching, employee engagement surveys, and much more.

Recruiting Services

As companies increase their productivity to meet business goals, the demand for talent also increases. The process of identifying, recruiting, and screening new employees is multi-faceted and complex. Hiring the wrong employee can be detrimental to your company’s employee morale, productivity, and bottom line.

Our Hiring Process Management™ (HPM) methodology embraces the full range of tasks involved in recruiting — from crafting the job description to candidate acquisition, vetting and selection, and even negotiating the employment offer.

Whether you are looking to reduce hiring costs, expand your workforce, or a combination, SimcoHR is a reliable and qualified partner that bridges the gap between your workforce needs and the best talent your industry has to offer.

Employee Training Services

In today’s challenging labor and legal environments, strong leadership skills are essential for employees at all levels of the organization. Having a team with the right mix of skills and knowledge can give your company a competitive advantage. SimcoHR offers affordable training programs designed to suit your schedule and preferred format, and customized to achieve learning objectives across the different levels of your organization. Whether you prefer on-site instructor-led classes, live learning via the Internet, or a combination of both, we will create the training that meets your organization’s unique development and budgetary needs.

HR Assessment

Being out of compliance is one of the biggest risks to any employer, no matter their size. To avoid potentially costly fines, employers must regularly review their policies and practices to make sure they comply with the multitude of federal, state, and local laws.

HR compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s competitive and legal environment. The HR “department” for a small business is usually no more than one person—and often that person is wearing many hats. While the HR representative may know a bit about everything, “learning on the job” is a scary prospect given the constant presence and oversight by entities such as the IRS, DOL, EEOC, and OSHA.

Employers overlooking compliance (whether intentionally or unintentionally) could find themselves facing dire consequences.

An important element of conducting your business is peace of mind knowing your human resources processes, policies, and systems are effective and in compliance with state, local, and federal laws and regulations.

Our experienced team will conduct an HR Compliance Assessment to evaluate your current HR practices and procedures and will recommend best practices.

  • Build a Strong HR Foundation
  • Protect Your Business
  • Managing the HR Compliance Burden
  • Gap Analysis Report
  • Trusted Advisors
  • Concierge-Level Service

Employee Handbook

  • Complete Review Process
  • Online Acknowledgement
  • Protect Your Business
  • Multi-State Capability
  • Collaborative Process
  • Concierge-Level Service

An employee handbook is an essential communication tool between you and your employees. A well-written handbook presents your company policies and procedures and outlines mutual expectations. Your handbook can provide important protection for your company by preventing misunderstandings, reinforcing employer expectations, and helping keep your workplace free of potential lawsuits arising from discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination claims. Let us ensure that your company’s handbook is comprehensive, known, and respected.

I-9 Compliance

Accomplish more in less time with the most compliant, cloud-based, mobile-enabled Form I-9 solution available. Developed by leading immigration attorneys and technology experts, our offering, powered by I-9 Advantage, creates virtually error-proof Form I-9s. Upon completion of a new Form I-9, our solution automatically secures, digitally stores, and provides easy search and retrieval of Form I-9s and audit trails.

Our cloud-based I-9 solution also allows your organization to easily hire and onboard new employees remotely by using our network of 12,000 trained notaries, which eliminates the hassle and logistics of a remote hire.

Reduce your I-9 processing times from days to minutes, and ensure your new hires are cleared and ready for work on their first day of employment.

  • Reduce Risk of Government Fines
  • Hire Remotely from Anywhere
  • Real-Time Data Validation
  • Cloud-Based and Mobile-Enabled
  • Document Expiration Notifications
  • E-Verify Connected
  • Full I-9 Audit Services
  • Concierge-Level Service

Strategic HR Services

  • Compensation Strategies
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Leadership, Coaching, and Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employer Branding
  • Concierge-Level Service

Between hiring, handling turnover, creating and nurturing your culture, boosting employee productivity, and managing employee relations—all while improving your top and bottom lines—business today is unrelenting. Making it all fit together in an ever-changing environment can be a struggle.

Our Strategic HR Service offerings can help with many of these challenges. Choose from a wide variety of innovative solutions that allow you to select the services that will best suit your needs, or we can develop a customized program that works for you.

Employee Engagement

How engaged are your staff with your workplace culture? According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace Report, only 33% of employees are engaged in the workplace, with 51% unengaged, and 16% actively disengaged. Employee engagement is the “gateway to increased retention, job satisfaction, and higher productivity,” as defined by the Society of Human Resource Management.

SimcoHR's employee engagement survey program will first help you measure your employees’ levels of satisfaction and engagement. Then our consulting team will work with your senior management to roll out plans, policies, and initiatives based on the responses to increase engagement opportunities. SimcoHR can help you maintain a strong, motivated workforce that is willing to expend extra effort and drive business goals.

  • Communication Plan
  • Your Mission, Vision, and Purpose
  • Tailored to Your Business
  • Incorporate Employee Feedback
  • Recruiting Tool
  • Concierge-Level Service

Compensation Benchmarking

  • Standardize Pay Infrastructure
  • Out-of-the-Box Benefits
  • Ensure a Competitive Pay Position
  • Eliminate Guesswork
  • Align Your Pay Strategy
  • Concierge-Level Service

To compete for talent, your organization must know what the market is paying for the skills you’re competing for and must develop fair and reasonable compensation programs to help you attract and retain top talent. Our compensation benchmarking services will build you up-to-date salary ranges that are specific to your industry, geography, and organization.

Our experienced team will diagnose and help design salary structures, validate total compensation in relationship to the market, and assist you in evaluating relative job worth in today’s competitive market.

Outplacement Services

Offering outplacement services yields many results, including protecting your organization’s brand and reputation, maintaining employee morale, and mitigating risks of litigation. SimcoHR offers comprehensive outplacement services for displaced employees at all levels.

We know that letting employees go can be difficult. With our expertise and experience, we can make the process much easier, giving your employees the job search tools, encouragement, and support to help them quickly land new career opportunities that are the right fit.

  • Expert Consultation
  • Resume Writing and Assistance
  • Interviewing Skills
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Help Focus Job Search
  • Individual Career Coaching
  • Concierge-Level Service

The Predictive Index

People are extremely complex. Science-based methodology allows you to understand what drives workplace behaviors so that you can ensure alignment, drive your team’s success, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible.

By utilizing the Predictive Index® tools to analyze your employees and candidate’s workplace behaviors, you can predict, with a high degree of certainty, the likelihood of their success with your organization.

Take the six-minute assessment and you’ll receive a live read-back from a PI expert.* You’ll be provided with a report summarizing your natural management and influencing styles and will start to realize how the PI Behavioral Assessment™ can help you hire the best fitting candidates, manage people better, and ultimately increase the performance of your workforce.

*The Try PI Free offer is only available to those who are investigating the use of PI within their organization. Employees of existing SimcoHR clients who are interested in learning more about PI assessments should consult their existing employer for more information. Individuals who have no affiliation with a prospective or existing client of SimcoHR, or are purely interested in gaining knowledge for non-business related reasons, will not be offered a PI assessment read-back.

Employee Self-Service

SimcoHR can help you automate and streamline your new-hire on-boarding process, and empower your employees with information 24/7 through your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) portal. By harnessing the power of technology, we can make your human resources operate more efficiently and effectively, and dramatically simplify the way your organization hires and on-boards new employees.

Before their first day of work, your new hires can self-onboard to your payroll and benefit plans, and acknowledge company policies. Your current employees can access their personal data and update their contact information. All of this will reduce the administrative workload for your HR and payroll teams! Our employee self-service feature gives employees easy and continual access to their payroll and benefits information, anytime, anywhere.

  • New Hire On-boarding Services
  • Eliminate Paper
  • There’s an App for That
  • Cloud-Based I-9 (Optional)
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Concierge-Level Service

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